The H-40/40 is a horizontal band saw providing accurate 90° metal cutting for heavy-duty applications.

The H-40/40 has a workload capacity of 50,000 lbs. A 5 HP driven hydraulic pump supplies system pressure through three position directional valves controlling all vising, head up/down, blade tension, guide arm, and shuttle movement.

Its PLC control digitally displays blade speed, feed rate, head up limit position, and cut elapsed time, and time remaining.

Featuring a 40″ x 40″ capacity, 20 HP motor, and 3″ blade, the H-40/40 is a reliable choice for all your heavy-duty horizontal metal cutting applications.



  • Dual post horizontal band saws

  • One piece design – no alignment necessary

  • 8’ of powered rollers built into the bed of the machine

  • Cast iron guide arms. The idler side guide arm is mechanically connected to the front vise moveable jaw for proper guide arm spacing at all times.

  • 20 HP VFD. True direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys

  • Full capacity hydraulic vises

  • Cast iron band wheels

  • User friendly operator control

  • Replaceable blade brush

  • Robust steel base

  • Automatic chip removal auger

  • Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics

  • Blade breakage switch

  • Hydraulic band tensioning with digital readout

  • 5 HP hydraulic pump provides system pressure

  • Replaceable carbide guide inserts

  • Hardened, replaceable wear plates

  • Safety door interlocks

  • Flood coolant with wash down hose

  • Work light

  • Laser light

H-40/40 Durable Machine

Extremely Durable Machine

At over 42,000 lbs, the H-4040 is extremely well built and design to withstand the wear and tear of heavy material. It has a work load capacity of 50,000 lbs.

H-40/40 8 Feet Powered Rollers

8’ of powered Rollers

Move large blocks with ease thanks to the H-4040’s built in 8’ of powered rollers.

H-40/40 3 Inch Blade

Large 3” Blade

Maximize your beam strength when cutting large blocks

S-20 Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Angle Measurement

Electronic Dual Down Feed

Electronic DDF feed is controlled by amperage draw chip load. Head feeding will automatically adjust based on relative chip load. It’s very responsive closed loop system gives better cutting and longer blade life.


  • Outboard vise

  • Powered conveyors

  • Power transformer