HYDMECH’s CNC Carbide Cold Saw line puts precise, reliable cutting tools in the hands of skilled manufacturers and industrial workers around the globe.

Designed for high production, accuracy and high-quality surface finishes in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, the CSNC -Series is offered in a large variety of cutting capacities. The HYDMECH CSNC-Series metal cutting technologies are focused on the proper blade balance and precision, ease of operation and reliability at a higher RPM with a greater chip load.

“The HYDMECH CSNC Saws were designed for medium to high production runs with several safety features that allow one operator to run several machines,” says HYDMECH VP of Sales and Marketing Rick Arcaro. “In this challenging economy our customers need to do more with less. They need more parts per hour with a superior finish while demanding precision accurate parts. They also want saws that will last for years. As such, this new line of carbide saws continues to offer the combination of quality and durability that are consistent throughout all of the HYDMECH’s lines of sawing equipment. This is the brand our customers know they can trust.”

The carbide saws come in different sizes, including 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm, all packaged with standard bar loaders, chip removal and mist lubrication.

Superior sawing solutions supported by top-of-the-line service technicians and a well-stocked parts department keep our customers’ production going strong! The CSNC Carbide Cold Saw was design and built with off-the-shelf parts easily found at local suppliers and supply houses for quick repairs.

HYDMECH features the following carbide saw products: