Introducing the upgraded VW-18-2, an evolution from the VW-18 machine with notable enhancements:

Repositioned Datum: Following the successful design of the V18, we’ve relocated the datum to the back for improved efficiency.

Enhanced Head Rigidity: We’ve reinforced the head to ensure increased rigidity, providing enhanced stability during cutting operations for superior performance.

Upgraded Vise Rigidity: Our commitment to excellence extends to the vises, where we’ve implemented improvements to boost rigidity. This enhancement contributes to a more robust and reliable overall system.

Powered Hydraulic Guide Arm: The VW-18-2 now features a powered hydraulic guide arm, adding a new dimension to precision and control during cutting processes. This innovative addition elevates the machine’s capabilities, offering a seamless and efficient operation.

The VW-18-2 stands out as a semi-automatic, vertical band saw, setting new standards with its mitering capability ranging from 60° left to 60° right. Boasting a generous 22″H x 18″W cutting capacity, a robust 5 HP motor, and a 1 1/4″ blade, this machine is your trusted companion for a wide range of light to medium-duty, vertical metal cutting applications.

Featuring a semi-automatic control that can be conveniently positioned on either side of the saw, the VW-18-2 combines precision with ease of operation for enhanced performance in your metalworking tasks.



• Adjustable 3° canted head
• Double articulating, semi-automatic control
• Two full stroking hydraulic vises
• Manual precise head positioning from 60° left to 60° right
• Digital angle display w/ protractor
• Powered hydraulic guide arm
• On-demand hydraulics save energy
• 5 HP VFD. True direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys
• Hydraulic positive down feed
• Cast iron band wheels
• Replaceable blade brush
• Robust steel base
• Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics
• Blade breakage switch
• Mechanical band tensioning with digital readout
• Replaceable carbide guide inserts
• 0.5 HP hydraulic pump provides system pressure
• Safety door interlocks
• Flood coolant with wash down hose
• Laser light
• Work light
• Variable vise pressure

VW-18 two full stroking hydraulic vises

Two Full Stroking Hydraulic Vises

Securing the material with hydraulic pressure results in better blade life, increased operator safety and a decreased risk of the material moving during the cut. Keeping the material secure reduces the chance of stripping the teeth on the saw blade.

VW-18 on demand hydraulics

On-Demand Hydraulics

Reduces power consumption and results in less noise. It’s better for the environment with reduced ware on hydraulic components.

VW-18 manual head positioning

Manual Head Positioning

Located on the control panel, the VW-18 angle can be set via use of the protractor and confirmed with digital angle display on the control panel.

S-20 Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Angle Measurement

Direct Down Feed (DDF)

Allows the operator to control both feed rate and feed force, for more efficient cutting.


• Power tilt with programmable go to angle
• Hydraulic overhead bundling*
• Mist lubrication
• Chip bucket
• Tall square vise inserts
• Power transformer
• Idler conveyors