A semi-automatic vertical band saw with the ability to miter from 60° left to 60° right.

A 2 HP driven hydraulic pump supplies system pressure through three position directional valves controlling all vising, head advance/retract, blade tension, and guide arm movement.

Its optional 3° degree fixed canted head, recommended when cutting larger beams, structural steel, and bundles of square tubing allows for more efficient cutting and improved blade life.



  • Two full stroking hydraulic vises

  • Select left or right side control panel

  • Powered movable guide arm

  • 7.5 HP VFD. True direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys

  • Hydraulic positive down feed

  • Cast iron band wheels

  • Automatic programmable mitering with “go to” angle functionality from 60° left to 60° right
  • Replaceable blade brush

  • Robust steel base

  • Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics

  • Blade breakage switch

  • Hydraulic band tensioning with digital readout

  • Replaceable carbide guide inserts

  • 90 degree straight head
  • 2 HP hydraulic pump provides system pressure

  • Safety door interlocks

  • Flood coolant with wash down hose

  • Laser light and work light

  • Variable vise pressure

Two Full Stroking Hydraulic Vises

Securing the material with hydraulic pressure results in better blade life, increased operator safety and a decreased risk of the material moving during the cut. Keeping the material secure reduces the chance of stripping the teeth on the saw blade.

Powered Moveable Guide Arm

Allows for quick adjustment of the guide arm ensuring rigidity of the blade during the cut, maximizing blade life and performance.

7.5 HP True Direct Drive

The motor and gear box are bolted together. This results in better transfer of power between the two moving parts. Other benefits include lower maintenance costs, better torque, and less vibration resulting in better blade life.

S-20 Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Angle Measurement

Variable Vise Pressure

Allows for adjustment of the clamping pressure of the vises. Ideal for cutting thin wall tubing and other light material applications in which a high vise pressure may deform the material.


  • Fixed 3° canted head

  • Chip bucket

  • Hydraulic overhead bundling

  • Mist lubrication

  • Non-driven pop-up lift rollers

  • Drag chain chip conveyor

  • Tall square vise inserts

  • Hydraulic chip conveyor

  • Idler & powered conveyors

  • Power transformer