The H-28A-120 is an automatic horizontal long bar feed band saw providing accurate 90° metal cutting for heavy-duty applications.

The H-28A-120 is fast, with its high speed shuttle feed indexing up to 120″ in a single movement with weight capacities up to 15,000 lbs. A 5 HP driven hydraulic pump supplies system pressure through three position directional valves controlling all vising, head up/down, blade tension, guide arm, and shuttle movement.

HYDMECH’s direct down feed system provides easy adjustment of both head feed rate and cutting pressure.

Featuring a 120″ bar feed, 24″ x 28″ capacity, 10 HP motor, and 2″ blade, the H-28A-120 is a reliable choice for all your heavy-duty horizontal metal cutting applications.



  • 6 degree canted head

  • Spilt front vise. Can be replaced by request with retractable datum vise at no charge

  • Shuttle features automatic multi-indexing up to 120” in a single stroke with automatic kerf compensation. Powered by a rack and pinion servo drive.

  • Steel guide arms. The idler side guide arm is mechanically connected to the front vise moveable jaw for proper guide arm spacing at all times

  • Hydraulic positive down feed

  • Full capacity hydraulic overhead bundling

  • 10 HP VFD. True direct blade drive – no belts/pulleys

  • Full capacity, full stroking hydraulic vises

  • High resolution feed rate valve allows for constant feed rate when cutting special alloys

  • Blade chamber separates material from cut part

  • Cast iron band wheels

  • Automatic PLC control programmable up to 999 jobs with 10 in queue

  • Replaceable blade brush

  • Robust steel base

  • Automatic chip removal auger

  • Out of stock switch

  • Easy access electrical panel and hydraulics

  • Blade breakage switch

  • Hydraulic band tensioning with digital readout

  • 5 HP hydraulic pump provides system pressure

  • Hydraulic carbide guide tensioning

  • Hardened, replaceable wear plates

  • Safety door interlocks

  • Flood coolant with wash down hose

  • Work light

  • Laser light

H-28A-120 10 Foot Bar Feed

10’ Bar Feed

10’ bar feed with servo drive processes longer pieces with less cycle time. Its high speed shuttle feed indexes up to 120″ in a single movement.

H-28A-120 Full Capacity Vises

Full Capacity, Full Stroking Vises

Allow you to operate the vises faster and hold large pieces better. Full height vises allow you to hold large objects more efficiently, like I beams. Full stroking vises mean you don’t have to manually change the position of the vise operator.

H-28A-120 Chip Conveyor

Chip Conveyor

The chip conveyor makes cleaning the machine easier. It removes the chips from the machine while it is running, which is safe for the operator and clean.

S-20 Horizontal Pivot Band Saw Angle Measurement

Two Hand Control

Designed for safety, the two button control on the head and the vises, insures that the operators hands are not in the cutting and vising area during saw operation.


  • Blade deviation

  • Squaring vise

  • Mist lubrication

  • Outboard vise

  • Outboard vise with bundling

  • Pedestal Control

  • Roller discharge table

  • Vertical alignment rollers

  • Idler conveyors

  • Powered conveyors

  • Power transformer