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CSNC Carbide Saws from HYDMECH

HYDMECH’s CNC Carbide Cold Saw line puts precise, reliable cutting tools in the hands of skilled manufacturers and industrial workers around the globe.

The product line of 6 new saws is a response to customer demand for precision cutting tools that are reliable. The CNC carbide saws add high productivity with superior tool life.

“The HYDMECH CSNC Saws were designed for medium to high production runs with several safety features that allow one operator to run several machines,” says HYDMECH VP of Sales and Marketing Rick Arcaro. “In this challenging economy our customers need to do more with less. They need more parts per hour with a superior finish while demanding precision accurate parts. They also want saws that will last for years. As such, this new line of carbide saws continues to offer the combination of quality and durability that are consistent throughout all of the HYDMECH’s lines of sawing equipment. This is the brand our customers know they can trust.”

The carbide saws come in different sizes, including 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm, all packaged with standard bar loaders, chip removal and mist lubrication.

Superior sawing solutions supported by top-of-the-line service technicians and a well-stocked parts department keep our customers’ production going strong! The CSNC Carbide Cold Saw was design and built with off-the-shelf parts easily found at local suppliers and supply houses for quick repairs.


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Standard Machine Features on all CSNC Models

Mitsubishi PLC Controller • Color touch screen
• “Set up wizard” for easy setup of jobs
• 200 programs can be saved with 12 digit alpha numeric name
• Comprehensive US steel grades menu with capability to program additional custom material grades
• Job monitoring with cycle time, job duration, parts count, tool life counter
• Up to 5 different cut off lengths per bar
• Bar optimization by repeating same sequence per bar
• Manual operation for all moveable units and easy control
• On the fly length correction, after pause. Also PTL & Saw speed can be changed.
• Auto home facility to achieve-conditions for automatic operation
• Error codes displayed with explanation of problem.
• For hollow sections special features of slow entry, slow exit is provided.
• Diagnostics of all input, outputs and axis parameters.
Bar Feed • Material gripper feed carriage (GFC) mounted on linear guides, driven by a ball screw and AC servo drive
• New bar entry in main vise made Contact free by hydraulically lifting the bar in shuttle in the horizontal and vertical direction insures free entry of distorted ends or with burrs.
Saw Head • Saw head on heavy duty Roller LMG bearings with ball screw and AC servo
• Variable cutting speed with frequency drive and rpm display
• Easily replaceable Wear resistant carbide blade guides to insure tolerances
• Automatic retraction of bar for contact free return stroke of the saw blade
• Electromagnetic Powder Break to eliminate gearbox backlash
Bar Loader • Fast bar change by loading round bar stock from incline directly into the material feed gripper (GFC)
• Single point adjustment of bar diameter
Saw Head Movement • AC servo driven ball screw head movement.
• Saw head slides on linear bearings on slant bed
Automatic Oil Lubricator • PLC controlled automatic oil lubrication of moving parts
Output Sorting • Trim cuts and remnants are sorted automatically from good parts via heavy-duty discharge sorting chute.
• Additional optional out feed side chain conveyor for longer cut lengths is available upon request
Blade Lubrication • Three nozzle spray mist system with positive displacement injector pump from UNIST USA
• 35oz reservoir (1 Liter)
• Low oil level sensor for warning.
• State of the art, triple jet system to lubricate the cutter tip from face and sides.
• Low pneumatic pressure alarm sensor switch for Micromist.
Bar Loader Safety Guard • Machine is completely enclosed,
• All access doors to the machines are electrically interlocked and machine will stop if door is opened during operation.
• Front access door opens on hinges to allow complete and easy access for blade change.
• Digital display of saw motor on HMI with settable overload shut-off.
Blade Gullet Cleaning Brush • Hydraulic motor operated rotating wired chip brush.
Additional Standard Features • Auto bar loader rounds – inclined, storage width of 28.7” (730 mm) for rounds
• Safety guard sheets for bar loader
• Status indicating tower
• Scrap cut separator
• Screw type swarf conveyor
• Air cooled electric magnetic particle clutch
• Bar indexing through ball screw and AC servo motor
• Built in hydraulic tank and power pack
• Built in flood coolant tank
• Tool steel hardened saw guide plates
• Forced exhaust roof top fan for fume extraction from cutting area
• Variable vise pressure control with dial gauge – two stations
• Power transformer

Optional Features

Optional Machine Features • Mist exhaust
• Auto bar loader for non-rounds
• Bundle loaders max 5T
• Magnetic chip conveyor
• Long cut bar out feed motorized conveyor table – 1000 mm travel
• Remote monitoring of PLC
• Hose & pump provision for gear box oil cooling
• Flood coolant motor pump and hose for the use of HSS saw blade


Machine Photos



In line with HYDMECH’s policy of on-going product improvement, we reserve the right to modify features and specifications. Photos may show optional equipment.


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